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Advertising on television is about to change radically.  Interactive Advertising puts sellers in immediate touch with potential buyers and with their existing customers, building a stronger relationship built on trust. 

The last 40 years has witnessed the convergence of electronic communications.  The modes for delivery have stretched around the globe without many even noticing.  But as this took place the natural convergence of communications between people around the world has lagged, sequestered to the marginal venues provided by such applications as Facebook.  

Freedom TV Network is here to change your ability to interact with our content, each other and the public.  We were the first to see the potential and after a lage-time of 25 years we are bringing these functionalities to you.  

As we ramp up you will see the present direction for TV begin to swing upward, as the impact of mass-audience response begins to provide feed-back and provide insights on what customers really want.  

Read about the first application of Comm-Vergence to politics in America in 1992 and about the reaction of those in power.  Then you understand how important it is to all of us to be in connection, make choices using the full array of facts, and decentralize power back to individuals and communities.

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