An Open Letter 


Today, time is probably too short for most Libertarians or other minor party candidates to win in November.  Two months ago, this was possible when we sent information to minor party candidates for office and independents.  By July 2018’s Freedomfest, Bill Weld still had not bothered to read the proposal he requested from Freedom Interactive TV Networks at the California Libertarian Convention in April 2018.  The reasons for his failure do not matter now.   He declared a $50M - $60M fundraising goal for the Libertarian Party. 
In 2016, 2012 and 2008 Gary Johnson was offered a bare-bones $3M Live Free TV Network with mobile uplink teams and did not acknowledge, nor did he inform either running mate Gray or Weld he had such offers numerous times. Yet in a very un-libertarian way, he is raising money to force his way by force onto a private debate stage of the demopublicans’ lame soundbite-athon.  He bought ads, not shows, on other people’s networks when he had $12M, and could today have a legacy TV network. Like other events of neglect, these will play a part in determining the outcome of future elections.  All candidates received the same offer.
If the LP is too locked in failure to act individuals can still, make different choices. 

The Message from the 1992 Flash Back

The point of the short history of 1992 is to provide a meaningful measure of the impact that even a small increment of interaction plus satellite could have on a political campaign’s outcome.  In 1992, even Andre Marrou could have been a serious contender with satellite and the programs PhoneVoter provided.   It did not happen and has failed to happen for 36 years. 

The proposed Presidential Candidate Debate Tournament in 1992 may have ended with two candidates facing off in a debate who were not from the major parties. 

Libertarians and activists from other minor parties have been more than willing to donate money to campaigns which, provably, have moved us not one iota closer to a free-market and individual liberty.  Buying ads on a TV show is a legitimate expense, tax deductible. Placing ads on shows which allow a mass-audience to see tallies, ask questions, make comments and suggestions, can achieve the same popularity as American Idol with 750,000,000 PhoneVotes  or  other song & dance interactive TV shows like

“So You Think You Can Dance?” with 94-million PhoneVotes in one show, the record; which is more people than vote for president of the US.  It is the best possible way for freedom-minded people to advertise or produce entire interactive shows for the same cost as the ads.  By doing so, they reach their most likely customers, those who share their values and principles, who will donate to panelist “C” or “None of the Above” because the other choices are all clowns. 

Libertarians are so used to viewing the idea of a free-market as some kind of icon, receding in the distance, that they ignore the reality.  While the most popular shows, those having the highest number or viewers, can cost several times what is usual, a typical live PrimeTime One-Hour show, including production costs and all forms of available distribution, Satellite (volume discounted time), Cable, and IPTV Streaming, costs approximately ~$8,400.  This is the amount which needs to be covered by advertisers.  Ten advertisers, each buying a one-minute ad, breaks down to $840 each.

Since both the shows and advertising are interactive on Freedom Interactive TV, this provides free-market business people with a means for direct contact with their best possible customers, those whose business and values were supported by the ideas of freedom.

And if you want a real debate with the ideas of freedom presented, this is the way to give Americans a real debate tournament for all candidates, not propaganda preaching to the choir. 

Interactive ads draw in customers in far greater numbers than do the passive ads we change channels to avoid.

On Freedom Interactive TV people will watch the advertising, realizing this is the best place to find what they most want. 

Lawsuits filed to force Libertarian candidates on to exclusive TV shows which are paid for by other political parties are not a move toward the free-market.  The prime example of this today is “Our America Initiative Foundation." We can move beyond lame sound-bite-a-thons with no substance.  Interactive TV, which allows voters to express their approval, disapproval, assert opinions, make suggestions, donate, upload videos and other content, buy products and more is exactly what people are looking for online and why passive TV is dying and interactive is growing rapidly for entertainment, but not for causes.  

Slowly but surely, Americans have lost their power to choose and become trapped in a world bound by fear.  Together, we will reverse this.  1992 was not an accident.  Rather, it demonstrated the already growing hunger of Americans to be heard.

In the intervening years the potential has grown with technology for unknown ideas and candidates to be seen and heard. Did you know there were at least 1,338 candidates for president running besides Hillary and Trump? How did judgement by soundbites work out for you?
This is not an expose of the problems and misallocations of funds which have occurred in the past 36 or more years the Libertarian Party has existed.  All you need do is read the dispassionate and detailed analyses of the LP Presidential campaign spending provided by Dr. George Phillies on this subject to see the recurring patterns and find the names of those responsible.  Funding Liberty
We are asking you to invest in your own future.  

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