Dave Lincoln

P​roducer, Lincoln's Risk-Registry, Ratings & Relief

Consultant, Environmental Issues

​Lead for Lincoln's Risk-Registry

Consultant and adviser to corporations, non-governmental organizations (NGOs) and municipalities.
Proven analytical and communication skills with demonstrated ability to meet tight energy industry deadlines.
Explored and frequently discovered oil and gas in more than 50 countries across six continents.  

Geo-Hazards Assessment / Disaster Risks Evaluation & Mitigation

25 yrs. of geotechnical background with BSc in Geology & Master’s Degree in GIS specializing in Geospatial-Temporal Analysis and Remote Sensing.
15 yrs. experience as an Environmental Consultant, Supervisor & Instructor.
4 years as Adjunct Instructor in Geology, Earth Sciences & Geography courses at Arkansas State University and North Arkansas College
Consultant & strategic adviser to corporations, non-governmental organizations (NGOs) & municipalities.
Proven analytical & communication skills with demonstrated ability to meet tight energy industry deadlines.
Explored for & frequently discovered oil & gas in more than 50 countries across six continents.


1/22/14- 12/5/18                        Earth Science / Geography Adjunct Instructor
                                                Arkansas State University – Mountain Home, AR

Taught Earth Science, Geology/Lab, Intro to Geography, Physical Geography & World Geography to college students through roughly 2 courses per semester for 8 semesters.  Prepared approved curriculum for new courses on Introduction to Geographic Information Systems & Physical Geology. These courses were facilitated on Blackboard and Canvas where Notes, Video, Homework, Tests & Grades were posted.

6/20/96 - Present                      Environmental Consultant
                                                Greenlite Consultants – Mtn. Home, AR & Gloucester, MA

Created Lincoln’s Risk Registry to identify highest manmade and natural environmental risk in each Congressional District in the US and identify those most vulnerable and most accountable. Developed Eco-Emergency Alert app for android to integrate all US sources of pollution with Environmental Health threats. Combined energy infrastructure of the US with historical leaks and disasters to anticipate sites of greatest vulnerability for future attack or failure. Developed plan to reconnect families of refugees along the southern border of the US and in detention centers. Twice addressed the Earth Society and other NGOs at the United Nations regarding oversight of multi-national corporations.  
Prepared expert testimony & mapping for Tar Sands oil spill in Mayflower AR & gave deposition on Produced Water disposal practices in Ecuador. Expert witness for successful case involving plume dispersal models of gas releases following an oil spill in Massachusetts. Evaluated Remedial Action Plans (PRAPs) for Superfund cleanup & brownfields along Hudson River & coastal regions. Analyzed comparative economics of U.S. alternative energy scenarios. Evaluated safety & risk factors for offshore Liquefied Natural Gas (LNG) terminals near Boston & induced earthquakes in Oklahoma.

March 11, 2011 Investigated causes and consequences of the Fukushima Nuclear Disaster following the Mag 9.0 earthquake and the 100 ft Tsunami. Reported on TEPCO corporation’s distortion and coverup of the facts.  May 22, 2011 Investigated Impact of Joplin Tornado 1 Day After Event. The EF-5 Tornado killed 161 people.

Investigated Environmental Impact and prepared testimony on March 29th, 2013 Mayflower Ark Tar Sands Oil Spill 5 Days After Pipeline Rupture. Advised victims and their lawyers on how to respond to Exxon depositions.

11/9/06 – 7/2/10                        Supervisor
                                                EBSCO Information Services, Ipswich MA

Managed 20 professional abstractors & responsible for quality control. Maintained & tested database of more than 300,000 publications & magazines.

Developed Special Summaries of Strategic Interest Including Stratfor & Others of Military Interest. Authority for 2000 technical journals on environment & health in four languages. Evaluated auto-summarizers & extractors from a 6 million keyword index & created Global Warming online database.

6/9/99 – 5/5/05  Development Specialist - Commonwealth Corporation – Boston, MA.

Wrote Risk & Threat Assessment for Offshore LNG Import Terminal & Dual LNG Tanker Facility in Boston Harbor. Played A Major Role in the Establishment of the 1988 Oil Operations Moratorium Offshore George's Bank on the UC Canada Divide. [Now Extended Until 2022] Wrote Risk Assessment of Offshore Gas Pipeline from Canada To Boston.  Wrote grants & developed Marine Technology & Trades training programs & career ladders for Fishermen Assistance Center. Directed fish quality improvement program in Massachusetts. Instrumental in developing collaborative research programs in New England. Wrote & coordinated successful pollution study of Massachusetts fishing grounds. Presented position papers on Safety, Disaster Assistance, & fisheries legislation. Served as industry advisor to the Seafloor Habitat Committee of the New England Fishery Management Council. Created & maintained websites for habitat preservation & lobster conservation.

Dec 26, 2004 Indian Ocean earthquake and Tsunami -Investigated the reasons for the massive death tolls (230,000 people) from the failure of the Tsunami warning system to issue an alert following the 9.2 earthquake and approaching 100 ft high Tsunami which was detected in Hawaii. Although 14 countries were impacted over a period of several hours, there is no record of any personal or public messages which could have warned the populations of the impending disasters. It was preceded by a massive foreshock of mag 7.3 which hit N. Sumatra two years earlier in 2002. It appeared that politics and jurisdictional disputes prevented a timely alert.

11/5/94 – 6/1/96                        Technical Director
                                                PARES Petroleum & Reservoir Eng. Services,                                                                                                Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

Prepared petroleum reserve evaluations for investors in the Asia Pacific region & recommended opportunities for equity participation as well as project management. Technical Advisor to Petroconsultants Inc. (NOW IHS) Wrote & Analyzed International Oil & Gas Field Reports. . Consultant to Intl companies for offshore gas fields in the Arabian Sea.

One of the first Americans to be allowed into Vietnam in 1995 following two decades of economic moratorium to assess strategic importance of energy assets. Climbed Mt. Kilimanjaro in Tanzania, the tallest volcano in Africa. Climbed Mt Kinabalu, Southeast Asia’s highest peak.
7/20/92 – 11/4/94                      Geological Consultant
                                                Ecodrill Malaysia, Kuala Lumpur

Prepared & evaluated tender documents for well-evaluation personnel & services. Contracted to US & Australian companies for wellsite supervision & geological operations including supervision of gas detection (Hydrogen Sulfide, Carbon Dioxide & Hydrocarbons) and drilling support. Involved in negotiation of offshore leases in South Africa.

6/3/89  –  6/28/92           Exploration Manager Enron Oil. – KL, Malaysia

Negotiated Contracts in Pakistan, Thailand, Malaysia & Indonesia. Responsible for the Acquisition and drilling of Malaysian & Indonesian Leases. & in charge of Setting Up & Operating the K.L. Office which was later attacked by a Failed I.E.D. Part of The Strategic Planning Group & personally briefed Ken Lay (CEO) during an extended country-wide field survey of Malaysian and Indonesia opportunities.
Primary function involved supervision of the petroleum exploration program in Asia.    Worked with govt. on bid tendering, budget approvals & negotiation for work commitment & 5-year plans.  Supervised Environmental Impact Assessment & geophysical site surveys.   Prepared well programs & well-site evaluation of 4 wells.  Responsible for coordination & strategic planning for all Asia-Pacific oil & gas exploration activities.  Developed exploration strategies using seismic, remote sensing & geochemical analyses.

11/15/78 – 5/2/89                      Sr. Staff Geologist to Division Geologist
                                                     Tenneco Oil - Houston, Texas
Managed $20 million drilling budget & was responsible for the operation of 10 wildcat wells per year.  Directed 16 professionals & staff & responsible for the quality of their recommendations.  Provided career planning, & performance evaluation of geological staff.  Assisted in budget coordination, corporate planning & strategy development.  Generated successful prospects in Texas, Louisiana, Arkansas, Mississippi, Alabama & Florida through the integration of gravity, aeromagnetics, seismic, log analysis & geochemistry.
Led Sr Staff Strategic Planning for Asia -Pacific Region & designated as key staff member for the Sale Team in 1988 sale of the company's international assets for $ 7.5 billion. Tasked with Competitor Analysis & Recommendation of Acquisition Candidates. In Charge of Team to Prioritize Global Undiscovered Oil Potential In each country. We ranked Iraq & Iran at the top.

Climbed remnants of Krakatoa Volcano in Indonesia, the most powerful volcanic eruption in recorded history. Investigated Tsunami impacts from volcano which erupted in 1883 killing more than 35,000. people.

Developed Response Strategies for Tenneco following the 1985 Eruption of Nevado Del Ruiz Volcano in Colombia & the tragic death of over 20000 Villagers at Armero. We donated dozens of tractors & back hoes in the recovery effort which had been used in the construction of our pipeline on the mountain, now buried by the mudslides & lahars. the Armero tragedy, as the event came to be known, was the second-deadliest volcanic disaster in the 20th century.

11/12/76 – 11/5/78                    Geologist
                                                     Occidental Petroleum - Tripoli, Libya

Participated in commercial field discoveries of ancient reefs & assisted in their development.  Headed team of Libyan ground water hydrologists using Landsat data to investigate the cause & environmental impact of pressure drops in water wells which resulted in the discovery of a major new potable aquifer in the western desert. Investigated the Vesuvius Volcano and studied impacts of the 79 AD eruption on Pompeii & Herculaneum.

Strategic Consultant OXYLIBYA - Required Security clearance & approval of Secretary Henry Kissinger.
In July 1977, I Worked in Tripoli, LIBYA when War broke out & I was assigned to monitor the Egypt Border War.  This resulted In the Death of over 400 Libyan Soldiers In 3 Days & the decimation Of Libya's Defensive Capability Near Tobruk.

Witness to a rifle assassination attempt on Col Muammar al Ghadafi & Idi Amin in 1976 following the Butcher of Uganda’s brief exile in Tripoli. I was then placed under House Arrest & Dr. Armand Hammer (OXY CEO) negotiated my release.

1974-1976 TEXACO  Geologist/Paleontologist
In addition to utilizing microfossils to anticipate overpressured formations, I Led Field Trips to the Bahamas & Carlsbad NM. Monitored Oil Production Operations in Ecuador.

1968 - 1974 UNOCAL. Roustabout, Researcher & Field Operator/Pumper ,
Experienced & Researched Causes of Santa Barbara Oil Spill at Union of Calif HQ. Summer Work Involved Basic Maintenance of Gas Compressor Stations & Field Pumper Operations on Oil Platform Offshore Huntington Beach Calif. (including solo operations of 16 pumping wells). Field Operator for Los Angeles Urban Production Sites with 36 pumping wells.


Masters Degree in Geo-Spatial Science  - Salem State University, Salem, MA
1/15/2005- 5/10/2007

B.Sc. Geology - University of Southern California, Los Angeles, California
9/12/70 – 6/15/74 Personally Experienced & did follow-up Field Research on 1971 Sylmar Calif. Earthquake.which caused 1/2 billion in damages.
Computer Skills
Utilized Emergency Assessment & Response software including Cameo, Marplot, Aloha, & Adios
Experienced with mapping & analytical software including ArcView 9.x & ArcGIS extensions such as Spatial Analyst, Survey Analyst etc. Familiar with ArcIMS, Idrisi, Carlson, Oracle, SQL, & Surfer. Also, expert in application packages such as Blackboard, Andromo, MS Office, Project, as well as many graphics & drawing programs.
Technical Training Courses                                                    Management Training Courses
Environmental Medicine:  An Integrative Approach
GIS Curriculum
Geo-Hazards of North America

Managing Exploration Risk

Forecasting Oil & Gas Trends - Enron
How to Evaluate Int’l Projects

Interpretation of Remote Sensing Imagery

How to Evaluate & Develop Int’l Proj - Tulsa Univ

Computer Cartography

Reservoir Engineering – Tenneco

Advanced Survey Methods

Applied Petroleum Geology - OGCI
Advanced Geographic Information Systems
Formation Evaluation - Schlumberger
Spatial Database Design & Analysis

Abnormal Pressure Seminar - Tenneco


Graduate Research Assistantship & Physical Geology Lab Instructor, Salem State College

Cal-State Scholarship - 4-yr. Academic Scholarship to Univ. of Southern Calif.

Martin Van Couvering Science Award for Academic Excellence

Lincoln, D & Keith, D. 2009 The Hidden Cost of Oil: New Orleans to Indonesia
      Environmental Rights International, Conway, MA  226 pp.

Lincoln, D. 2010 Deep Horizons Exposed

Monosson, E & Lincoln, D "Comparison of PCBs, Organochlorine Pesticides, & Trace Metals in Cod Liver from Georges Bank & Stellwagen Bank." Marine Pollution Bulletin. June 2006, Volume 52, Issue 5, May 2006, Pages 591-597. Principal Investigator & co-author of a comprehensive examination of chemical pollutants found in New England groundfish.  Results showed significant improvement in marine pollution levels since the previous study published 30 years ago.
Lincoln, D. 2005   MS Thesis Salem State Univ  “Spatio-Temperal Warming Trends & Wildfire Patterns in Australia 2000 – 2005.”
Lincoln, D. "Lobsters on the Edge." Env. Science - Habitat Section. University of Maine, January 2002, On-Line. Peer-reviewed paper which combines comprehensive information on lobster biology & ecology with oceanographic & geological data from New England to define Essential Lobster Habitats.