Gail Lightfoot, RN

Executive Director, Cooperative Health Association; Technical Advisor to Health Portal

Los Angeles County Hospital School of Nursing - 3 yr. diploma, 1959
124 General Education collegiate units completed
 18 Early Childhood Education collegiate units completed
  8 Computer Science collegiate units completed
L.A.City College., L..A..State College, Pasadena.City College., Mt. San Antonio Community College.

Public Health Nurse, State of California
ICU-CC, MICU, EKG, CPR Instructor, Venipuncture, Arterial Puncture, Central Line Blood withdrawal, Arterial Monitoring, Intercath Placement, Utilization Review/Quality Assurance, Triage, Home IV Therapy.

Teaching Experience:
Basic and Advanced EKG, ICU-CCU, Medical Electronics and Equipment.
First Aid and CPR.
Staff Orientation in Acute Care and Home Health.
Home Health and Hospice Care.

Nursing Experience:
 14 years in Home Health.
  4 years in Home IV Therapy.
  3 year in Discharge Planning, Hospital Liaison, UR and QA.
  1 year in Children's Large Group Home
  7 years in acute hospitals,
  (Med/Surg, ICU-CCU and ER: Staff, Team and Leader, Charge RN and Unit Director).
  6 years as Teaching Consultant in Electronics and ICCU.
  2 years in HMO Clinics as back office nurse, telephone and walk-in Triage.
  2 years as a Research Consultant.
  2 summer seasons as First Aid Station supervisor at Raging Waters in San Dimas.

Employment History:
Arroyo Grande Home Health Care 1994 - 1997
345 South Halycon
Arroyo Grande, Ca 93420
(805) 473-4473
Nanci Van Degrift
  Per Diem, case manager and field staff for Intermittent Home Care visits

Visiting Nurses Association of Pomona/San Bernardino 1991 - 1994
170 W. San Jose
Claremont, Ca 91711
(909) 624-3574
  On call field staff RN for Intermittent visits, also worked on bringing backlog of 286 Forms up to date for rollover to computer billing. Part time per diem.

Valley Independent Physicians, Inc.
1798 N. Garey Ave
Pomona, Ca. 91768
(909) 623-4247
July 1992 - July 1993
  Case Manager (providing all Utilization Review) for single HMO for IPA, IPA rolled over into large IPA, position terminated.

VSP, Inc.
PPS, Inc
1826 Orange Tree Lane
Redlands, Ca., 92374
Mark Kinney
(909) 825-4401
Feb. 1992 - July 1992
  Case Manager, concurrent and retrospective utilization review, participation in referral review committee, Quality Assurance. 6 month trial as sole person for all UR/QA for IPA, IPA rolled over into the IPA’s management company. Position terminated.

Home IV Therapy
Caremark, Inc.
Home Health Care of America
1 Wrigley Dr.
Irvine Ca.
Jan 1985 - Feb 1988

Home Heath Care
1975 to 1997
several home care agencies in the Los Angeles area, all absorbed by other agencies since then.

Staff RN
Los Angeles County General Hosp – Surgical Critical Care unit 1961
Summit Hospital, Summit, New jersey – 1964-1965
Huntington Memorial Hosp, Pasadena, CA 1966 - ICU
White Memorial Hosp, Los Angeles, CA 1968 – ICU
Los Angeles Hosp, Los Angeles, CA 1969 – ICU Unit Director
Queen of the Valley Hosp, West Covina, CA 1972 – CCU
San Dimas Community Hosp, San Dimas, CA 1974

 Training Consultant
Hewlett Packard
Van Nuys, CA
1971 – 1973
Traveled to new ICU/CCUs to orient staff to HP Monitoring equipment, Set up and provided ICU Training to nurse in Green Valley Arizona prior to opening their first ICU.

Gail spent 1964 in a solidly Republican community, Westfield New Jersey, where no household would accept a Goldwater brochure, a disillusioning experience.

Lightfoot left the Republican after the Goldwater campaign, never to return. She welcomed and joined the LP as a Charter Member in 1972 delighted to be in the first mailings of the new party advocating Individual Liberty.

Reading National Review, Lightfoot watched the ideas of free markets and individual rights be misapplied over the last forty-five years. She began to realize what is today called a Free Market is truly nothing of the kind. What we have today is a heavily regulated by gov't market that benefits some over others. 

This has created the system as it is today, allowing those with money and influence to manipulate the system of gov't rules and regulations to profit both inside, and outside, of government. Real competition is now a thing of the past.  

The principles of individual freedom were suborned and distorted by corporatism to misdirect what began as a grass-roots movement into a political tool for increased corporate control of the market. This has led to the a pervasive distrust of corporations manifested by numerous political groups and movements today.

Redefining words, such as took place with the word, “Conservative.” and the later adaptation of the word, Neoconservative has taken place rapidly. This misuse was augmented by the political philosophy and rationalizations justifying deceit and manipulation in the quest for power and money through the use of government.

These distortions fed into the creation of a public relations infrastructure which, today, continues to main stream these redefinitions of America's founding vision, as laid out in our vision statement, the preamble to the Declaration of Independence. 

These ideas and principles are the origin and basis for the movements for social justice in the Nineteenth Century, Conservatism, and Libertarianism. 

Through her candidacy Gail rejects the use of the Libertarian movement to advocate for corporate personhood and the use of government in ways which violate the original vision for America. She advocates for the return to America's original goals of individual rights, local control, and community. 

Personal Note:  

As the mother of three children, the grandmother of six and the great-grandmother of five, the future we leave to the next generation matters to me for many, many reasons. Working for their freedom has always been my focus.