How Dangerous is PhoneVoter to Deep State?

PhoneVoter Threatened the Bilderbergers


The best measure of the power of interaction is the steps both major parties took to ensure it would not be available to candidates they did not want elected.  Add to this the purchase of Keystone Satellite Communications at ten times its value and you see that the elites well understood the problem they faced. 

Almost immediately after the 1992 primary elections, Keystone Satellite Communications cancelled the offer for free satellite time for PhoneVoter.

This likely came through Clinton, who still faced the general election against Bush and Perot. 

Keystone was bought for ten times its value by France Telecom.  The sum paid was $100M.  The order for the purchase came from Bilderberger leader Etienne d’Avignon.  The purchase happened after Bush Senior went down to screaming defeat in November of 1992. 

Brock learned this the next year from Keystone’s former General Manager, David Hansford, who told Brock the new owners expressed consternation when they learned Keystone had no contract with Brock for PhoneVoter. Keystone’s former owner was restricted from being in the satellite business for 17 years. 

NOTE:  Any connection between Brock and Etienne d’Avignon would have to date back at least 300 years at the time Brock’s family moved to the New World; both are named “of Avignon” a 2,000 year-old city in France.

Clinton became titular head of the Democratic Party with his election to the presidency understanding the power of satellite was responsible for his election.  He also understood the danger of Interactive communication with America’s electorate, as did Bush Senior and the group which was growing around his son, W.

In 1993 Haley Barbour became the Chairman of the Republican National Committee.  This could only have happened with the approval of Bush Senior. Barbour told GOP presidential candidates he had cut a deal with the DNC agreeing neither party would use either satellite or PhoneVoter for the 1996 election. This happened along with the start of the Commission for Presidential Debates by the two parties.  

In 1995, Haley Barbour, forbade GOP presidential candidates the use of either satellite or Campaigns On Satellite (COS), citing this agreement. But Barbour knew this was untrue.  The Democratic Party had bought satellite time for all of 1996.

Brock learned about this through one of his contacts in the satellite industry in October 1995 and immediately informed Haley Barbour, and all declared candidates, including Republicans. LINK

One of these was the Media Consultant for the Dole-Kemp Campaign, Mike Murphy , (scroll down to see the Contact Notes Brock made) who had worked as a media consultant on the campaign for George H. W. Bush in 1988 and 1992.  Murphy popped up as the Media Consultant for Lamar Alexander in 1996 and blocked the campaigns use of PhoneVoter, despite their having received multiple proposals.  This is reflected in the contact records from PhoneVoter.

In 2000, Mike Murphy pulled the same con on John McCain, blocking the PhoneVoter proposals 13 times.    McCain learned of this as he stood waiting to concede the California primary to George W. Bush in front of his Straight Talk bus waiting to drive between a dozen satellite uplink trucks from others’ networks.  Brock handed him another copy of the proposal.  McCain and his wife, Cindy read it together.  Cindy exclaimed, “John, we could have won with this!” 

McCain stormed over to Murphy, raging.  Murphy, shouting over McCain, shrugged saying, “You got a conventional campaign.”

Mike Murphy is a BushCo agent in place, working as a political consultant where their needs indicate and now in media.  Murphy and John Fund both worked on ensuring McCain lost.  Fund planted the false story before Southern Super Tuesday on a black McCain love-child. Murphy worked more directly.  Both continue to be agents in place.  Assume there are others from both the Right and Left.  They are still out there, working.

What you have learned are unpalatable facts about political figures in both major parties the story is not about politics.  It is about how ordinary people can change everything rapidly. 

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The solution to the problem of empowering people is mass-audience, interactive communications. Participants today will be able to connect to solve local problems from ideas they see work from shows or work with solutions on the shows.  No filters, no censorship.  Don’t worry about attempts at censoring or about child porn or kitten killing.  We have this covered. We love kittens, too. 
Americans want to be heard.  They want solutions.  Are you ready to provide these, let ordinary people decide for themselves? IPTV is what you expect from the Internet on steroids while seeing your own comments, Phonevotes, solutions, donations, purchases, and uploads too.  Links to chatrooms which are local will help local people organize as well.  We can change Congress, ensure the people who have real solutions are funded, clean-up the Amazon’s rainforest, come together to welcome refugees, and move to a sustainable world.

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